Those Lovely Ballerinas At Brandos.se

by - Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I do not really need to shop for new pairs of shoes at the moment but I've still spent a little time window shopping online for my favorite style ~~~ those feet-friendly ballerinas!

I've browsed through pages of shoes at Brandos.se and have found three lovely pairs of ballerinas:

2nd runner-up: Ballerinas: Angelis, Raffles
1st runner-up: Marc O'Polo: 73MW4891-1
The champion: Pretty Ballerinas: Angelis, Heart and Key

The designs are really simple, clean, sexy and cute! It's just a bit disappointing that the shoes are not on sale thinking that summer's almost through. Perhaps if I wait a couple more weeks, I'll end up getting a better deal. I at least want to get the red pair!

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