Math In Everyday Life

by - Saturday, September 25, 2010

Math is indispensable in every man's life. We use math without even noticing. Making an order at McDonald's, watching sports, baking a cake, jogging, brewing coffee, travelling, planning your future ~~~ all of these involve numbers, quantity, structures and formulae. So in order to cath up with the everyday unnoticed mathematical equations our brains automatically do, it does make a lot of sense why we need to study math.

A friend has once told me that she wants to find a course in college which is "math-less". Unfortunately, there's no such thing! Her worst nightmare includes college algebra, trigonometry, probability and statistics, and well.. basically, everything that is beyond the basic of the four mathematical operations [addition, subtraction, multiplication and division] just scare her. With much luck, she's been able to get free math help online. From then on, she slowly learns the secrets of math in which according to her, has made her life a lot easier. She now runs her own clothing shop where she puts a lot of her math skills into action.

Math can be fun if we try to put a little effort into getting to know it better. In times when we bump into something that seems so alien to us such as factoring polynomials or solving the Pythagorean theorem, it's always a relief to find math homework help and problem solvers online to englighten us and make the burden feel lighter. So the next time you stumble upon those excruciating equations and math word problems, try to hire affordable math tutors online or better yet, avail of a free homework help.

So the next time you do your groceries, balance your checkbook, manage your weekly schedule or count your blessings, ask yourself if your life could have been a lot better without math. C'mon and ponder for a few seconds!

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