Maxi's Newest Creation: The Shoe Cake

by - Friday, September 24, 2010

Madde, my boyfriend's only sister celebrated her 22nd birthday last Monday, 20 September at their mom's apartment. Everything went on as planned. Taco dinner. PS3 Tennis and Tekken games. Special moments captured. Coffee break along with chitchats.

The night was completed with Madde's birthday cake ~~~ a cake I proudly made myself ~~~ A SHOE CAKE! I put a lot of thought into this cake. Since I used fondant, sugarpaste and modelling chocolate to complete its entire design, I needed to create the decorations ahead of time to give it some time to dry. For the shoe, two and a half days to harden while the chocolate leaves and flowers, a day and a half.

It was my first time to push myself to producing such a cake. It took me more than an hour to complete the shoe alone. Whew! Not bad for a first-timer, I should say. Anyway, here was how the shoe cake looked like after everything had been put together:
I baked a thick layer of moist chocolate cake and a thinner layer of pink sponge cake four hours before the party. I prepared chocolate ganache to fill and frost the cake then covered it with a roll of white fondant, decorated it with dots made of chocolate and added the final details ~~~ the shoe and the flowers. It did really look oh so good and yummy!

[On the photo below: the lovely birthday girl and her shoe cake deco']
Madde decided to keep the top of the cake for as long as possible. I was so happy that she loved it!
...And here was how the cake looked like after the top had been saved and slices had been devoured:
We enjoyed the cake together with a cup of newly brewed coffee while playing Poker.

The night started and ended well. Excellent!

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  1. Wow, that cake looks so pretty and I'm sure it's delish. You should pursue this as a biz...hehehe

  2. Thanks Bingkee!  Thankie thankie. May mga orders na nga for October.  Di ko akalaing it would go this far.  

    Have a great day pretty Bingkee!  Enjoy your vacation!

  3. It's so pretty! Actually, it's too beautiful to eat. :)

  4. Thanks Liza!  That's the reason why Madde is saving the top of her cake for as long as possible.  :-D

  5. Wow! Ang sarap niyan....Mmmmm....Ang galing mo Sis....GREAT JOB!!!

  6. Scotty's Princess4 November 2010 at 16:06

    The beautiful output convinced me that you're an expert in this field, pretty Maxi. Your creativity and passion is very obvious.  Nicely done. Keep it up!


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