My Future London Treat

by - Sunday, September 26, 2010

I've never been to any boat holidays in my life. The only occasions I've travelled afloat are when I need to cross one island to another through ferries. Other than that, I prefer taking the plane, bus, taxi or car to get to my destination. No, I am not scared regarding the thought of "the boat's sinking". It is more because of I easily get dizzy. All that being said, I still look forward to experiencing a number of boat holidays with Bebe.

Bebe [my boyfriend] asks me every now and then if I am interested to fly to London within this year or sometime in 2011. He spends a week [or more] each year in the city of London since his best bud, Lo, is actually a "Norf" Londoner. Because I am now a Swedish citizen [actually, dual - Filipino-Swedish] I might as well start using my Swedish passport and travel more with Bebe and I'll start with the incredible City of London! I look forward to hopping inside one of the London Eye's capsules, crossing the Tower Bridge, catching a glimpse of the Tower of London and finding some cheap fashion shops.

[On the photo below: a photo of the Tower Bridge from Wikipedia.org]
Aside from my partial future London treat wish list above, I want to spend a day or two with Bebe on a boating holiday. It is a dream come true for me to cruise along the River Thames, the Oxford and Grand Union Canals with the love of my life.

If everything goes as planned, I'll be having a fun London vacation with Bebe soon.

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  1. Hi Maxi!

    London is definitely a place I want to go to as well.  Yes, that is as good of place as any to start using your passport at.

    Have a great Sunday my dear blugging friend! :* :)

  2. <span>Hi Maxi! </span>oh <span>i wanna go to london too!</span> 8-) 8-)

  3. enjoy ur weekend sweetie!! :* :*

  4. Oh yep. It sure is a great place to start having my passport stamped.  Looking forward to it!

    Hope you get to fly to London, too one day my dear blugging friend!

    TAke care! :* :* :* :-D :-D :-D

  5. Thank you Mon'! You, too. Enjoy your weekend! :* :* :*

  6. I bet you'll surely fly there one day!  

  7. :* :* :*   Hello Monä!

  8. sexy legs and body26 September 2010 at 12:18

    Hi Maxi,

    thanks for dropping in, hope your London holiday is great, take loads of pics and then post them all on your blog.

    Have a super day.

  9. Hello Colin!

    Thank you, too for dropping by here.  I will surely post a lot of London photos.  Not sure yet when we'll be flying there.

    Hope all is well!  Hugs!


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