Pizza Anytime

by - Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whenever my appetite craves for pizza, I create my own at home. Two weeks ago, I've created two large plates of pizza: pepperoni overload for Bebe while mine has been one part pepperoni and one part pineapple.
Bebe's enjoyed his thin crust pepperoni pizza while I've taken pleasure with my pepperoni-pineapple pizza. I honestly can't say which flavor is yummier. I like the taste and the aroma of pepperoni with melted cheese, slices of green bell pepper and onion. On the other hand, the combination of melted cheese and the sweetness of pineapple pieces is marvelous.

Being able to create my own pizza dough and pizza sauce from scratch always come in handy to ease out my pizza-thirst anytime.

Oh. Just staring at the photo above makes me want to go to the kitchen and make myself a pizza. Yum!

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