Really Cool GUESS Shoes On Sale!

by - Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I've been Googlin' around quite a lot for the past days looking for shoes on sale when I've encountered a number of interesting store flyers at Be Frugal [http://www.befrugal.com/]. I've found at least 17 Macy's coupons in there which have then led me to finding really cool GUESS shoes on great discount deals! Now, every woman's desire for beautifully crafted and quality GUESS shoes is finally within reach! Oh yeah! Now, we're talking!

Below are three of my "I very like!" GUESS shoes on clearance at Macy's:

Hopeful Sandals by GUESS

This is my favorite among the other two on the list. The metallic gold color of the straps and the bow give this shoe a dazzling look while the hanging GUESS logo decor on the buckle closure adds beauty to this piece. The 3-3/4" slender heel will surely make the legs look longer.

Available colors: Gold and Silver
Original Price: $99
Clearance Tag: $51.97

Olympic Sandals by GUESS

Simply adorable. The shine of the red-patent leather expresses elegance while the metal donut-like decor gives it a rocker look. Its 4-1/4" heel seems too high for me but nevertheless, this shoe is totally gorgeous!

Available colors: Black, Natural and Red
Original Price: $99
Clearance Tag: $51.97

Nazir Sandals by GUESS

One word = FANTASTIC! T-straps are always "in" in the fashion world and this 4"-high Nazir Sandal is simply stunning! This shoe comes with double adjustable buckle closures for better comfort.

Available Color: Black
Original Price: $89
Clearance Tag: $46.72

There you go all shoe lovers! It's the perfect time to hunt for those classy and chic GUESS shoes. Grab a pair or more while the sale's still on!

Have a great shopping experience my dear friends!

***Photos above are properties of Macy's

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  1. type nako ang last...kaso d man ko ka afford aning branded woi...ehehehe!

    labay ko dire dear.... :)

  2. Ka-afford ka ui. Daghan baya ka opps ha!  Mwahugs Dhemz! :*

  3. HI,
    Thank you for sharing these nice pictures for us.I hope my wife love these pictures,very nice sandals.

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