The Delightful Sponge Cake

by - Thursday, September 30, 2010

If you've seen my first chocolate marble cake which I've posted on this blog along with a birthday greeting dedicated to a wonderful blogger, you will then notice that this cake that I'll be showing you now is more or less a replica of the marble cake.

Aside from publishing a blog post about the marble cake, I've also uploaded a photo of it on one of my Facebook photo albums and ... well ... a friend has given me a call and asked me to recreate the cake by the time she visits us as she's had a hard time believing that I can create such a beautiful cake. Well, of course, I've filled up her request however, I really haven't recreate the cake entirely. I've replaced the marble cake to a plain sponge cake, prepared a buttercream icing coloured in pink instead of the chocolate frosting and had a flower as the centerpiece rather than placing two hearts on the cake.

So here's the simple sponge cake:

... and here's the chocolate marble cake:

See the difference? One thing makes them alike ~~~ they both taste delightful!

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  1. askfisher@gmail.com22 November 2010 at 10:30

    The picture itself looks good enough to eat!


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