Two Days At Grotto Vista Resort

by - Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Grotto Vista Resort is located in the heart of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. A short 15-minute ride by car or jeepney from SM Fairview is all it takes to enjoy a wonderful pool day under the melting heat of the sun.

I've been to Grotto Vista Resort in two separate occasions. First, with my younger brothers, Mark and Darwin on the 12th of February. My brothers still have joined the fun the second time I've been there [26 February] with Madde [my boyfriend's only sister] and Micke [a friend].

[With Darwin]
[Darwin and Mark]
[Micke and Madde]
Grotto Vista Resort is a cool place to spend a day during those warm sunny days in the Philippines. ENTRANCE FEES are:

Daytime Swimming [8am-6pm] Daily Rate Holidays
Adult 150 Php 175 Php
Child [10 years old below] 100 Php 125 Php

Night Swimming [until 11pm] Fri - Sun Holidays
Adult 160 Php 185 Php
Child [10 years old below] 110 Php 150 Php

the main pool [with three giant slides and The Galleon slides]
the kiddie pool
the deep pool which is unfortunately only open when the resort has a numerous amount of guests

[Main pool with the giant slides]
[The Galleon slides]
[The Deep Pool]
[The Kiddie Pool]
There are also three different PRIVATE POOLS. Prices below are good for a 12-hour stay:
Private Pool with jacuzzi, airconditioned room with toilet and bath; nipa cottages, umbrella sheds and barbeque grill. 12,000 Php max. of 30 persons
Scenic Deep Pool 13,000php max. of 60 persons
Covered Private Pool 15,000 Php max. of 60 persons
*charges in excess of max. no.of persons 150 Php/head
*charges in excess of time 1000 Php/hr.
This resort has lots of COTTAGES scattered all over the place and prices aren't that expensive.
Nipa Cottages 350 Php 10 -12 persons
Nipa Cottages 300 Php 8-10 persons
Umbrella Shed 250 Php up to 6 persons
Cage 750 Php 18-20 persons
Pinoy Huts 1500 Php up to 30 persons
Gazebo 2000 Php up to 40 persons
Pergola 1800 Php up to 35 persons
Tegula 850 Php up to 15 persons
For BIGGER GROUPS OF UP TO 150, Grotto Vista Resort has these types of accommodations for you:
Vigan House [1st flr] 2800 Php max. 30 persons
Vigan House [2nd flr] 2500 Php max. 30 persons

Roof Decks 1&2 2500 Php 50-70 persons
Roof Deck 3 3500 Php 80-100 persons
Roof Deck 4 4500 Php 80-100 persons

Slide Buildings 3500 Php 100-150 persons

[The Vigan House]
[Roof Deck]
[Slide Buildings]
Grotto Vista Resort also offers their guests their AIR-CONDITIONED ROOMS:
Suite Room [24hours] 2,200 Php good for 5 persons
De Luxe Room [24hrs] 1,500 Php good for 2 persons
Standard Room [12hrs] 900 Php capacity: 2 persons maximum of 4
A Review on Grotto Vista Resort Air-Conditioned Rooms:
A huge DISAPPOINTMENT! During our second visit there, Madde and Micke decided to get a De Luxe Room accommodation and oh my... it was UGLY! The matress was hard and really old. The pillows obviously needed to be replaced. The pillow cases and the sheets were well, newly washed but did not look fresh at all. The toilet/bathroom was dirty. The shower head and knob weren't functioning well. The toilet bowl was yuck. The shower and faucet water --- definitely disgusting [brownish/yellowish in color].... And yes ~~~ mosquitoes had somehow found a way to get inside the room!

Aside from the air-conditioned room catastrophe, everything else is good. The pools and surroundings are clean and the attendants are friendly.

Other facts you need to know before heading to the Grotto Vista Resort:
Allowed swimming attire - bathing suits, trunks, white shirts, garterized shorts
Not allowed swimwear - colored shirts, shorts with zipper/s and button/s
You can bring your own food and beverages however, any kind of drinks in breakable containers ARE NOT ALLOWED.
Alcoholic beverages are also NOT ALLOWED.
Grotto Vista Resort Contact Information:
Address: Graceville, San Jose del Monte, Bulacan [in front of Lourdes Grotto]
Bulacan landlines: [044] 691-0223 to 4
Mobile numbers: [Globe] 0917-8390327; [Sun] 0922-4144447
Manila Office: [02] 371-89-28
Website: www.grottovistaresort.com.ph
E-mail: grottovista_resort@yahoo.com

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  1. thanks so much for the info! parang na-turn off lang ako dun sa rooms. un pa naman gusto ko minsan pag nagsswim outside Metro Manila, un me overnight accommodations. me lamok pa, oh man! :(

  2. WElcome Beth.

    Yup.. Everything's great except for the rooms. My expectation was so high tapos, ganun ang dinatnan namin. Kakahiya sa mga visitors ko. :(

  3. It looks like a beautiful place for a day's outing - but what a shame the room, itself, did not match
    the external beauty of the resort.

  4. Really is a great place for day and night outing but for overnight occasions, not good at all. :'(

  5. bitin nmn ang night swimming nila til 11pm only....sana til 5am....

  6. Oo nga. Yun din ang naisip ko.  Why is it until 11PM only... Not fair.  A lot of people are hoping for the pool to be opened to the paying public until 4 or 5 in the morning.  Hope they change this sched...

  7. Thank you so much for your information. My family and I wants to have a day outing at Grotto Vista resort.  Can I asked you, if its ok? We want to accommodate the Vigan House 2nd flr. is there a Kitchen,Videoke, chairs and tables included??? Or it has a seperate fee? I'm glad if you could answer it. Coz, the hotline of the resort given above was not available. Thank you so much. :)

  8. Hello Kathrina.

    You are welcome.  Been there twice and kinda like it :)

    About the Vigan House, I do not think that there's a kitchen in it.  But there are a lot of cooking and barbecue areas around the Vigan house.  So, I think, that's not a problem.  

    Chairs and tables are included but the karaoke/videoke machine, isn't.  There are karaoke machines next to the pool area for public use.  But I am sure that if you request for one to have in the Vigan House, they'll provide you one.  About the fee, I hope that they will not charge you extra for the karaoke machine because you'll need to be dropping 10 pesos per song... by that, they can earn a lot already.

    I know.  Their hotline isn't working at all. That has been my frustration, too.  I've just thought that I am the only one having troubles contacting their offices [Manila office and Bulacan] but now I know, I am not alone.   :(

    But to be sure, bring along a videoke player and a small telly with you.  Since the Vigan house costs a lot, they shouldn't mind if you bring your own... I hope.

    Have a nice day and enjoy your day at Grotto Vista!


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