Vacation Plans Flavored by Fruitz

by - Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summer is rolling around again, so it is my duty this year to plan the family vacation. My brother, his wife, and their new baby are coming along this year with my family of five, so the pressure is on me to decide a place that everyone will like and feel comfortable with. There is also the issue of expense to be considered, as my brother has just been working in his new job for the last six months after being out of work for a year. You can say this is a much-needed stress relief vacation for them and also a congratulatory vacation. My husband has decided to take on most of the expense of the trip for both families as a little treat for my brother and his family.

For a female, the most important decision for the vacation is not where you are going but how you are going to look when you get there. My husband of 17 years is very easy and will wear cut-off jeans, a ball cap, and a 1980s t-shirt just about any place. For me, image is everything. My hair, nails, and wardrobe must be without reproach.Okay, maybe I won’t loose the 50 pounds in two weeks that I need to loose but I can still look good. My newest find is a product called Fruitz. They are wonderful, fun, flirty watches that come in a variety of colors and have interesting names that include the Coconut, Blackberry, Passion Fruit, Apple, Plum, Appleitni, and so on. I bought ten to match the ten outfits I purchased. I still have not decided on the perfect vacation, and I may have spent all of the vacation money on myself, but if we can go I’m definitely ready!

[ ~~ Written by a guest blogger]

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