My [Not So] New Look!

by - Friday, October 01, 2010

I was browsing through folders of digital pics from our 2009 Hong Kong trip and got reminded about that day [27 July] when out of the blue, I decided to have my hair done in one of the many hair salons along the busy roads in Mong Kok.

Even months before that particular day, I was already pondering over and over again about getting a new look but whenever the thought crossed my mind, it felt like I was always at my wit's end. It was already past six in the evening when I snapped the decision of getting inside the Tress Hair Salon in Mong Kok and allow an expert to style my hair. The decision was so against the clock that evening but I gave it a go anyway.

My pic before getting my hair fixed. With Bebe at Starbucks inside the Langham Place, Mong Kok
At Tress Hair Salon ~~~ Me, my hair stylist and my fake smile. I was so sleepy at this time. It felt like I was getting a scalp massage. Zzzzzzz
Happy with my new hair!
It did not cost me, or rather Bebe, a pretty penny for my hair session. If I guessed it right, Bebe paid HKD150 including already the tip which was according to my knight in shining armor, way cheaper compared to prices here in Sweden.

Rethinking, that day has been the last time I've been to a professional hairstylist. Bebe keeps on telling me to set an appointment with one of the salons downtown. 'Will think about it later... and later... and later...

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  1. sweet naman ni bebe mo dear....nako ang mahal kaya dito...kaya minsan ako nalang nag titrim...ehehhehe!

    kahit anong hairstyle naman bagay sau...wala pako ka kita sa imo nga short imong hair.

    Btw, you are invited to join my giveaway contest. Hope you can join us! Thanks.... :)

  2. love the new look, getting prettier even more...

  3. nice hairstyle Maxi! and it looks great on u! ;) ;)

  4. Hello Dhemz!  Thank you for the visit and comment.  

    Oo nga.  Sweet eh.  Mahal din dito kaya ako nalang nagtitrim pero sabi niya, mas mabuti raw kung sa professional.  Kuripot kasi ako kahit na alam kong siya ang magbabayad.  

    Thank you.  Kaw rin. Bagay sa iyo kahit anong length ng hair mo.  Di pa nga eh. Di ko alam if okey ang short hair.  Baka one day.

    Will check out the giveaway contest.  Mwah!

  5. Thank you, Nova!  Pero matagal na kasi iyan eh. 

  6. Thanks Mon'!  :-D :-D

  7. Nice!Bagay sayo ang gupit! Hirap ako humanap ngayun dito ng mag gugupit ng hair ko mula ng ma promote to being a manager yung fave kong taga gupit. Kasi sya lang yung nag gupit sakin na nagustuhan ko talaga. At tuwing magpapa layers ako sa iba e di ko magustuhan.

  8. Hello Anney.  Sana makahanap ka ng bagon hairstylist na magiging fave mo in replace sa dati mong hairstylist.

    Ako, dito sa Sweden, ako ako lang gumugupit ng hair ko kasi ang super mahal.  Kuripot daw ako sabi ni boyfriend kahit na sya naman daw magbabayad, ayaw ko parin.  Sayang pera eh.  Nasa mga 3thou pesos  ang gupit lang.  Nakakapanghinayang talaga.

    Thanks for dropping by here. Hugs!

  9. bagay heheheLove your new do Anne, bagay na bagay sayo.

  10. Thank you very very much Rose. 

  11. 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

  12. Loving da look sweetie, looking good as always! :* :* :*

  13. love the new hair.. :* :* :* :* :*

  14. well the stylist did a good job, your new hair look just great! ;)


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