Free YM Voice And Video Chat Features For iPhone iOS Users

by - Sunday, October 24, 2010

The long wait is finally over! Twelve days ago, the developers of iPhone has launched the voice and video chat features for the Yahoo Messenger [YM] application on iPhone iOS. Woo hoo!

By the time I've learned about this new Yahoo Messenger iPhone app feature, I've updated mine at once. However, while chatting to a friend online, she's told me that it will cost me money to use these additional YM options. That's scared me to pieces which is why I haven't voice nor video chatted with my friends on my iPhone until this morning.

So, awhile ago, I've loaded up a few pounds of courage --- just enough to give me the strength to see if it will really create a damage on my boyfriend's credit card. [Sorry Bebe]. Luckily, my friend has been wrong because:

Yahoo Messenger App on iPhone iOS - voice and video chats are for FREE for as long as the person on the other end is using his YM on his PC or laptop or on his YM app on his iPhone.

Voice chatting - so far, I like it. The conversations are clear and there are no delays nor any overlapping conversations.

Video chatting - this feature comes with the voice chat of course. I am using iPhone 3GS and the video is clear. If the room is dark, just make sure that there is enough light to brighten your surrounding or else, the person you're chatting to will have difficulties spotting you *wink*. When doing the video chat, you can either use your earphone or better yet, do the handsfree feature --- even if your phone is two feet away from you, your friend can still hear you loud and clear and yep, see you at the same time!

Sending SMS - sending text messages through your YM app is free.

What's NOT FREE? ~~~ When calling a friend [on his landline or mobile] using the YM iPhone app, it will cost you money. I am not sure how much the charge is per minute but it says that it will cost you some bucks cheaper compared to using your regular phone or mobile lines.

That's it guys! If you want to voice and video chat with your friends ON THE GO, have the Yahoo Messenger verion 2.0 installed on your iPhone 3GS phone now! Downloading or upgrading this app is for free. Try it and get connected anytime, anywhere!

[The Yahoo! Messenger logo on this post is owned by Yahoo!]

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