My First White Chocolate Cheesecake

by - Friday, November 12, 2010

I am not really a fan of cheesecakes. For some reason, I don't find cheesecakes yummy... not until I have gotten the opportunity to bake my own. Oh my, oh my, oh my... this cheesecake's really good!

I've Googled for the recipe and with gazillions of cheesecake recipes online, I just can't decide on which one to follow. So I've decided to just get the general idea of the ingredients and the techniques on how to bake one to perfection. I have also adjusted the measurements of each ingredient to make sure that the cake will not turn out so sweet. On the last minute, I've thought of adding white chocolate to the mixture and va-va-voom! Everything has turned out perfect. Délicieux!

Ta-da! Here's the White Chocolate Cheesecake I've baked. Go ahead and dig in!

That's it for the moment. I promise to post some more photos of my cakes and desserts! Hugs and more hugs to you all!

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  1. Amazingly, someone who doesn't like to cheesecake gets the urge to make on. :) But to see that you are ever so proud of the results speaking volumes of your baking pride. Well done ... and yes --- it looks very good.

  2. My Godnees Ann, ang galing mo talaga knowing that hindi ka pumunta ng school to learn about baking.. two thumps up for you :-D

  3. yummmy ;) .  Keep it up maxi ;)

  4. that looks so yummy i think i would like a piece right now LOL

  5. Scotty's Princess20 November 2010 at 13:14

    Always looks delish here, pretty mAxi! Wohooo! Laway-laway man ta pirmi ani, hahahaha!


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