'Py Burpday David And Gagay!

by - Monday, November 29, 2010

To two of my best blogger buddies, David [The Blugging Funk] and Gagay [The Sexy Doc'], happy happy [belated] birthday! You're older than yesterday but YOUNGER than tomorrow!
May you both have a fabulous year filled with with pretty memories and flowers, awesome friendship and happy hours.

David and Gagay, cheers to another year of experience! Love you both! Hugs!

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  1. 8-) thankie te maxi!!!!

  2. 8-) thankie te maxi!!!!

  3. Hi Maxi! :* :* :*

    Thanks for the post and nice graphics on the badge, too.  Love the pic of our Sexy Doc, Gagay!  Happy belated birthday again to her.

    Love ya both and thanks again my blugging friend! :) :) :)


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