Shoes Unlimited

by - Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today is a great day! Right before heading to bed, my boyfriend's told me to visit ellos.se. The online clothing shop is having this huge clearance sale that is worth checking out. My first stop is of course, the shoes' section. I've promised myself not to buy some more pairs for as long as possible since I do have loads of pairs of shoes which are up to this moment, unused and are still in boxes with their tags on. But well... 50% off on lovely branded shoes? Why deprive myself from this wonderful offer?

So, because my boyfriend says that sky's the limit, I've ended up placing five gorgeous pairs in the shopping basket. Oh my! That feels good!

The date to when the shoes will arrive isn't definite yet. Maybe in a week or so but my oh my... I am truly excited to try them on!
I've [I mean, my boyfriend's] purchased two pairs by Hush Puppies, a pair by Bullboxer and two pairs by Rockport. Four pairs of ballerinas and a pair of sneakers. I'm drooling just thinking about 'em!

I'll keep you posted when the shoes are already here. Will surely write reviews on each pair!

Hugs everyone!

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