A Quick Update On My Upcoming Blog

by - Saturday, December 25, 2010

This week has been crazy. Ahhh!!! My boyfriend and I have loads of things to do. The list is long enough to drive both of us half-mad. Blame it on the holiday rush, eh? We are just glad that most items on the list have been scraped off already. Just a few more left and we can finally sit back, relax and well... just be lazy. *sigh* Maybe by then, I can fix some missing details before I can eventually launch my blog in Swedish.

Up to this time, I still am in search for an affordable website hosting provider to host my blog. I plan on spending some time browsing through several possible choices. There are loads of them and reading some reviews will make my search a wee bit easier, I think. *wink* Aside from the provider I also haven't put a conclusion on the title, blog address and layout. I've already scribbled down a few options and regarding its layout, I have three to choose from. Oh oh oh... the header... that's something I've not decided yet. Hmmm... I'll fix that one later when I finally got the title for my blog. Hopefully, everything will work out the way I want it to be.

Okey well. I need to take a break for awhile. I'll be having some laptop-away time to attend to some importantant matters. Some relatives of my boyfriend will be spending some time with us tonight in our apartment so I better head out to my lovely kitchen and bake something for dessert. I wonder what it will be...

Hugsie hugsie everyone!

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  1. merry christmas^^

  2. <span>Hey! Merry Christmas  :)   Goodluck with finding a webhost!   </span>

    <3hazel (http://hazelnot.tumblr.com)

  3. Merry Christmas ... and Happy 2011 in advance. At least we know you're ok. Good luck with the planning!


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