Treat Yourself This Season!

by - Friday, December 17, 2010

December - although is considered as the most joyful month of the year is also famous as the most stressful for a lot of people. Even before December comes, a ton of energy has already been spent thinking about the gifts to get for our family, friends and colleagues, what decorations, ornaments and lights will go perfectly together for our homes, the different dishes to serve during the holidays... and the list just goes on and on. So before you end up burning all the energy you have, why not sit back, get a deep breath and this time, ponder on what you can buy yourself this Christmas ~~~ yes ~~~ despite the hustle and the bustle this season brings, forget NOT to treat yourself, too!

Speaking of treats, while in the middle of jumping from one online shop to another, my boyfriend's sighed, looked at me and said our of nowhere, "Go and check some shoes for you while I hunt a pair or two for myself." I've taken a pause, wondered if I am just dreaming and when I've realized I'm fully awake, I've immediately looked for womens shoes [http://www.wantedshoes.com.au/] and my oh my ~~~ I can't believe that there are a lot of shoes on sale and choosing has been well... confusing. I've ended up putting five gorgeous pairs in my online cart. That night has been one great shopping night, not just for anyone else but especially for us!

A couple of weeks later, the shoes are being delivered to their rightful owners [*wink*] and the list of gifts for our loved ones has been filled. Half have already been neatly wrapped. A few more gift wrapping to go and we're finally done!

Oh by the way, I haven't had that much time to take photos of the shoes my boyfriend's purchased for me. I do promise though to show you my new pairs as soon as I've got the time and energy to do some picture-picture! But before I leave you all for now, let me share to you four stylish and soooo pretty shoes that you might be interested in checking out. So va-va-voomylicious, 'ayt?
Happy ho-ho-ho-holidays everyone! Kisses!

*photos are properties of Wanted Shoes

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  1. Wow loving ur shoe selections here sweetie! Merry Christmas to u and BF! :* :*

  2. Hello Marz'! Thanks for dropping by. Yup! REally pretty shoes!

    Merry Christmas to you and your B! :*

  3. love your shoes...happy holidays:)

  4. Not sure those shoes are fitting for me. :)

    Figured you must be busy, but glad to see you're ok. Christmas is on the way ... stay warm.


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