Comfy Stylish Medical Scrubs

by - Friday, January 21, 2011

When it comes to fashion, medical scrubs do not fall behind. Nowadays, designers make it a point to "scrub" away those plain boring scrub suits to introduce more color, verve and sparkle in healthcare establishments. I, for one, have worked in a hospital and have witnessed on a day-to-day basis the lifeless surrounding with just the blue overall of the orderlies and the plain white for nurses, medtechs, PTs, RadTechs and pharmacists ~~~ no color to perk everybody's day up! I am so glad that those days of basic scrubs have finally given way to the new scrub trend.

A nurse friend has once told me, "With fashionable scrub tops and matching pants, I feel more comfortable working in the hospital knowing that I stand out to my patients. It enhances my personality therefore lifting not just my spirit up but most importantly, the patient's."

Aside from its pleasing look, fashion designers also make sure that these medical scrubs are made of high quality materials therefore ensuring that these up-to-date uniforms are comfortable to wear. Each piece is designed to withstand the daily stress the medical profession has in store for them.

Aside from comfy stylish scrub tops and pants, lab coats and lab jackets are also available in different designs and sizes for reasonable prices. Check 'em out!

Happy shopping everyone!

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