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by - Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I love to cook. Unfortunately, one can't just put ingredients on the pan as they are. I need to slice onions, dice garlic, fillet the fish and more. With all the preparation needed, I always end up with awful smelling hands. [yuck!] With ordinary soap, the odor just does not give up that easy. With this bad smelling issue, I am so thankful that my boyfriend's bought this Blomus stainless steel soap [] that works magic. After slicing, chopping, dicing and cutting, all I have to do is rub the soap in between my fingers and hands under running water and voila ~~~ goodbye odor!

Time for a Blomus wishlist!

After getting satisfied with my first Blomus product, my eyes are now set on this Blomus Stainless Steel Polished Kitchen Multi-Storage. I so want to get one for our kitchen. As of the moment, we have this kitchen paper towel holder made of wood and I really hope to replace it soon with the multi-storage. It's a lot handier to have a paper towel-, aluminum foil- and kitchen plastic wrap holders all in one place. Not to mention, it creates a more modern look for our kitchen.
Wishlist item number 2: The Blomus Stainless Steel Bread Box. We do not own a bread box and as a person who loves to bake bread, owning this [on the photo below] bread box is like a dream come true for me.
Aren't they nice?

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  1. Carmen Henesy, Carmen's Chronicles27 January 2011 at 10:43

    I've never used a breadbox - we use a loaf of bread so quickly, we don't need that sort of
    storage.  At nearly $70, that foil dispenser is pretty pricey.  It would last a ifetime, though, and, if I had seen it before I lost my nursing job of 21 years, I would have purchased it.  I like having paper towls, foil and saran wrap so conveniently handy!

  2. Hello Carmen... :)

    We really need a breadbox since we have leftovers most of the time.  It's so untidy to have them just all over the place sometimes.  With a breadbox, at least, they're just in there.. keeping the kitchen looking neat.

    Have a pretty day, Carmen. Will be right at your blog in awhile. Hugs!


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