Eyes, Eyes Baby

by - Friday, January 07, 2011

Oh yeah. I am aware that it's yet far from summer but there's nothing wrong about getting ahead of the game, 'ayt? I have three pairs of sunglasses... before. Somehow, my carelessness has resulted to misplacing two of them. Until now, I am unsure where they are. I have no clue, whatsoever. I am just happy that I've been able to keep the pair that my boyfriend has purchased for me online or else, I'll be left with none! My eyes will then have a horrible 2011 summer! No way!

Because I am such a careless creature, it maybe is time for me to look for wholesale fashion sunglasses... something like 29USD for a dozen or cheaper. I do not care if they all have the same design but definitely, in assorted colors... just like these Fleur de Lis sunglasses which are known for its catchy symbol. I have my eyes on this particular Fleur de Lis design [refer on the photo below] that will cost me 26USD a dozen. For about $2.20 per pair, that's a good deal, isn't it?

Confession... this might sound crazy but I really want to own pairs of shutter shades. I am not sure why but I kinda like to have them on when spending some time on the beach this summer --- a color per day. What? Shutter Shades? I know... doesn't sound like me at all, right? But wooohooo... my fashion sense is telling me to try it at least once in this lifetime. Who knows? I might actually fall in love with it! *wink*

If you are like me who feels like summer's not summer at all without putting on those sunglasses [and is... well... heedless], it's wiser to buy wholesale sunglasses! Lose 'em, misplace 'em and yet, still have some pair on the side. Smart, huh?

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