Finally, It's Up!

by - Monday, January 31, 2011

I am talking about the new shower curtain!

My boyfriend was away for two days and one night a week ago and wanting to make time pass quicker, I made myself busy cleaning the apartment and rearranging furniture and stuff around. It wasn't easy. I ended up suffering from shoulder and back pains the first day but looking at my progress ~~~ the aches? ~~~ I couldn't care less.

I got this Djurgården [our favorite Swedish sports team] shower curtain for my boyfriend a month ago. The old shower curtain was still pretty so we kept it up for a bit longer until only hours before my boyfriend came back home, I decided to place it in the stockroom to give way to the new shower curtain. It did not take a long time to have the Djurgården shower curtain up! Whew!

My boyfriend was in awe when he arrived home. The apartment, after a day and a half of arranging and rearranging, cleaning, fixing and scrubbing, looked more spacious than ever before [not to mention tidier, cozier and homier]. Of course! He loved the new shower curtain!

I got rewarded with a shoulder and feet massage that night! Worth it!

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  1. Scotty's Princess31 January 2011 at 15:18

    Hola Pretty Maxi. What a huge accomplishment this is! The new shower curtain is judt lovely!   :)  

    Thanks for the visit at Lainy's Musings. Added you up at both my blogs: scottzprincess.net and lainyonline.com. Will add you soon at kuerdas.com and thefabchic.com.

    Mwah! :)  

  2. Well done at catching him by surprise!

    BTW ... thanks for stopping today ... My Monday posts are for getting your week off to a good start. Have a good week.

  3. Hi Maxi! :* :)

    That's a cool shower curtain and surprise for your BF.  I'm sure it grabbed his attention!  Oh yeah, you deserve the massage for that! :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog, too!

  4. Hello blugging David!

    Yup. Really cool! I like it so much and yep... BF is so surprised!  

    Welcome. Will be back on your blog to blug you.. as usual! 

  5. Hello Frank!  Welcome!

    I really like your Monday posts. I think I should copy you  ;) ;)

  6. HI Lainy!  

    True. It's lovely!  

    I will be checking my blogroll soon to see if you've been linked!  Hugs!


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