Gotta Have Two More Clocks On The Wall

by - Friday, January 21, 2011

As I always say, time flies like Superman combined with the speed of Flash. Every minute counts and with only one wall clock in the entire apartment, my boyfriend and I usually lose track of time.
Our huge wall clock's situated in the hall way and we seriously need to get one for the living room and definitely, one in the kitchen. What usually happens is whenever my boyfriend and I get so attached with what we are watching on telly, we do not notice that it's already very past our bedtime. Getting track of time is going to be a lot easier when we've got a wall clock on our living room. So, with no further ado, here's the wall clock I want:

The Iron Wall Clock [http://www.1001wallclocks.com/] - I actually like the Fleur de Lis timepiece but on second thought, it is too feminine. Instead, if ever given the chance, I will go for The Iron Wall Clock. The design, in its entire simplicity, is gorgeous without being so girlish. There is nothing much going on in there... not complex at all, just straightforward. It's going to be perfect on our living room wall.

... and for the kitchen, I want the Royal Black kitchen wall clock. Its design is a lot simpler than the Iron Wall Clock but for the kitchen, it is just what I need. I bake cakes, breads... create delicious desserts ... prepare sumptuous meals... all these make the kitchen my favorite place in the apartment. When preparing food, I become unaware of time. With a kitchen wall clock, it will be easier for me to make sure that everything's on time.

Okey... I think it's time for me to head to the kitchen and see what I'll be having for my midnight snack. Be back in awhile. Ciao!

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