Hurray To Virtual Try-on Frames!

by - Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Purchasing items online is something I consider handy. With a few clicks of my mouse, I can easily find the products I need, compare prices, make a choice and... done! The last thing that I need to do is to sit down and wait for my purchase to be delivered in the mailbox. I get to save money [on gas], time and energy.

But how is it when it comes to ordering eyeglasses online? I've done that once and haven't had issues whatsoever. I have to say though that I totally understand why a lot of people are still skeptical about getting their pairs of prescription glasses over the internet. Eyeglasses are custom made pieces and must meet the needs of each patient which is why it is very important to spend enough time selecting and ordering the pair of eyeglasses you really desire. Devote some time browsing from one frame design to another, compare their features and find the one that you'll feel comfortable wearing. Also, look through the different lens options and choose the coatings that you want and need.

How will I know that the frame will look good on me? Do not worry, these days virtual try-on frames are available for every shopper's convenience [how I wish that there's also virtual try-on for shoes. *sigh]. This process is super easy. All you need to do is upload a photo of yourself [only your face on the pic] on the online shop and you're ready to try, try and try until you find the one you are looking for. With this process, shopping for prescription glasses online has become a lot easier. Kudos to technology!

Oh... I've tried the virtual try-on frames and it's super cool and super fun. Here are a few of my best shots:
I can't choose which one looks nicest on me. The third one, maybe?

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaah! good for you te maxi u really tried the virtual try-on frames..me? i didn't...hehehe..pero, naa pod ko ani nga opps..hehehe

  2. u looking great with the virtual try on frames te maxi!!!

  3. Yup. I tried it already. So fun to use. It's like those virtual hair-dressers I've tried sometime last year.  Try it!!!  

  4. Thank you GG! Oo nga. I think I look good on all four...


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