It's A Tiramisu Friday Night

by - Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday. Friday. Friday. What's it gonna be for tonight's dessert?

The first time I've created tiramisu is on the 3rd of December 2010 and have fallen in love with the result. My entire life, I do not like anything that contains alcohol and I do not exactly know why. However, on that particular December night, I've looked back and regretted why I haven't given tiramisu a chance to get into my life earlier. *sigh*

Tiramisu is the easiest dessert there is in existence which can easily take my breath away. I only need 15-20 minutes to prepare it and the whole night for my taste buds to enjoy. So, for this evening, I've prepared tiramisu for my boyfriend and myself and man... I sooooooo love it!

In this tiramisu, I've stayed away from the common ladyfingers. Instead, I've used two layers of thinly sliced coffee flavoured sponge cake that has been dipped in brewed coffee. [Too much coffee, eh? I love coffee!] I've dusted it with unsweetened cocoa powder and topped it with a mini coffee sponge cupcake. I like this version rather than the basic one. The sponge is soft and light and when combined with the cheese-sugar-egg-liquor mixture = it is just heaven in my mouth!

How about you? How's you Friday doing? I hope that you are enjoying a delicious dessert.

Later pips. I'll be taking a pause now to enjoy the remaining tiramisu in my glass. Yum!

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  1. Great article. My dessert tonight is Amaretto Layer Cake from a local Italian bakery in Brooklyn. They also have a tiramisu layered cake that's great. Where did you get your recipe from? Post if you don't mind.

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  2. Thank you so much for dropping by and visiting my blog.  I also love tiramisu cakes however, since it's just me and my boyfriend here tonight, I've thought of fixing tiramisu that is enough for us.  I hate throwing away left overs :)

    I've gotten my recipe in a swedish cookbook but I've changed a lot of it.  Will definitely write about my recipes here one day.

    Have a pretty day. 

  3. This is one of my favorite desserts....I could never resist it.

  4. Hello Bingkee!  Used to not like Tiramisu. Now it's one of my faves!


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