Lush-ious Skin With Lush

by - Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've read a lot of positive reviews about Lush. There are Lush shops in almost all the malls in the Philippines but I have never tried any of their products. I've just read on their webpage that they only sell fresh handmade, natural skin and body care products ~~~ now, I feel like I've deprived my skin of Lush-ious years. Hmmm...

I've recently bumped into this Lush Coupon that I can use when purchasing Lush cosmetics and/or bath buddies. I haven't decided yet which product to get. I am still in the process of "flipping through the pages" and comparing. I've found this Bon Bon cranberry lip scrub which I think is perfect for my flaky lips especially during the winter season. Unfortunately, it's out of stock. *deep sigh* On the other hand, I find this Skin Drink Moisturizer interesting. It is recommended by a lot of women who use it. Might be perfect to ease out the dryness of my forehead and elbows. Gotta try this one! Dropped it in my wishlist!
The Lush honey rich It's Raining Men shower gel looks interesting. Aside from honey, it also contains lotus flowers to effectively soothe the skin. This product is created for body and hair use. Awesome. Wishlist = check!

I can hardly wait to experience Lush-ious skin with Lush!

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  1. Sounds nice but I've vowed to buy no more skin products until I've used the 20 something creams and body butters that I have on hand now!

  2. Hello CArmen!  Oh my! Wow.. 20 something in creams and body butters! That's a lot. I only have four which I use a lot due to the very cold weather.  The weather makes my skin so dry and applying body butter and cream really helps a lot.  Have a pretty day!


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