My Out-Of-The-Box Valentine Gift Ideas

by - Friday, January 21, 2011

Are we already on the 3rd week of 2011? Wow. Speaking about how time flies so fast, huh? Only three more weeks to go before Saint Valentine strikes back! It's time to think of possible Valentine's day gifts to get for the person who owns half of your heart! Here's a list of out-of-the-box Valentine gifts for both her and him.

Gifts for her:

A Spa Voucher - What more can be more relaxing than a day at the spa? With a spa voucher to give her on Valentine's day, you'll definitely make her the happiest woman alive.

Chocolate Making Classes Voucher - If your woman adores chocolates, then she'll certainly be interested in learning how chocolates are made. Give her the opportunity to attend some chocolate making classes. She'll certainly thank you for that.

Chocolate Gift Baskets - If for some reason, she can't insert Chocolate Making Classes into her hectic schedule, then get her a chocolate gift basket filled with Italian chocolate coins, Ferrero Rochers and Belgian Chocolate stars. This will, without a doubt, make her day a lot sweeter!

Gifts for him:

A Full Day Paint Ball Voucher - Knowing that almost everyone is interested to try paint ball, your husband or boyfriend will have a hard time saying "no" to this experience. A reminder though... book as early as possible as paintball vouchers sell out so fast.

An Indoor Go Cart Voucher - My boyfriend enjoys go carting. He can do it all day long and if there's one nearby, I'll get him an indoor go court voucher. If your man's into go carting, get him the voucher!

A Rally Driving Voucher - Does your man dream of experiencing an exciting rally drive? If yes, then this is the gift for him. This voucher will surely make him go "Awesome!"
So there goes my out-of-the-box gift ideas. Hope you get to decide on which one to get because "Tick! Tack! Tick! Tack!", says the clock!

Advance Happy Heart's Day to us all!
*Photo credits: http://www.adrenalin.com.au

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  1. so cool idea....<span> </span>

  2. Hello Nova. Thanks for dropping by and liking the ideas. :)


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