New Year, New Shoes, New Bestfriends

by - Saturday, January 01, 2011

My feet are quite happy. Wait... "Quite" isn't the right word. "Super", I mean. After all, having not just a pair but five pairs of new shoes is beyond awesomeness, 'ayt?

I've finally had the time to have some photos taken with my new "bestfriends" more or less a couple of hours after the clock's striked 2011! My boyfriend's snapped a few shots while I've been busy trying 'em on. Rest assured, my lucky feet are delighted and can't complain a bit.

As mentioned in my earlier posts, it is my boyfriend who's spotted this great sale on the internet. I have to say that I've tried to tell him how uninterested I am [although deep down, I'm breaking] but he's persistent so I've taken a look and ended up with five pairs in my shopping cart. I mean, who can blame me? My boyfriend's told me to shop and with hundreds of incredible deals on shoes online [] all lined up on my laptop screen, how can I not shop at all?

So, here are the shoes I've picked and mind you, although the prices are so low, low, low, they're all brand-y-licious!

White sneakers by Hush Puppies - [the one I am wearing on this pic] is so comfortable. Love the simple design, too!
White ballerina by Hush Puppies - without a doubt... comfy and cute!
Blue and red ballerina by Rockport - comfy and gorgeous!
Brown ballerina by Bullboxer - comfy and sexy!
[Thanks Bebe for all these and more! Love yah!]

Bebe has gotten himself a pair of Dr. Martens winter shoes. Funny but his pair of shoes is priced just a bit lower than my fives. Talking about men and their expensive shoes, huh?

I can hardly wait for summer to come so I can put to use my new pairs of shoes... and because summer's so many months away from today, it is but wise for me to shop for leg warmers and knee-high socks to help me battle the cold winter days. Ta ta for now! Need to check the web for great deals!

Before I forget... Happy 2011 to all of you my lovely readers! May the year of the rabbit shower you with tons of love and happiness to last a lifetime. Mwaaaaahhhh!!!

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  1. maxi, they are all cute.... lucky you... 

    happy new year...

  2. Enjoy ... and happy new year!

  3. wooow!!! new pairs!same here te maxi!hahaha..

  4. happy new year te maxi!

  5. wow...i love ur new "bestfriends" hahah!! :-P :-P

    Happy New Year sweetie!! :* :*

  6. Hello Nova!  Thanks. They all are sooo adorable. Love 'em all!

    Happy new year to you, too!

  7. Hello Frank!  Happy new year to you, too and enjoy!

  8. Wee! Good to know that you've got new pairs, too!  Woot woot!

  9. Happy new year to you, Gagay! :*

  10. Oh yea.. Love them, too. 

  11. happy new year too...tnx for your nice word.

  12. Wow.. shoes.. bonggang-bongga ka talaga Ovah.. dami mo na'ng shoes.. ako stop muna kasi public service with the relatives muna ako... hehehe.. hoping to be superwoman or super-relative.. waaa.. happy new year Maxi! And thanks for dropping-by.. honga hoping to have that garden wedding but have to arrange my life and money first.. hehehe.. muahhh!

  13. You are looking super slim and fresh as always, Happy 2011 sweetie! :-D :-D :-D

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