Poker Fun!

by - Friday, January 14, 2011

Without a doubt, Poker is nowadays the most famous card game. It's played all over the world --- both online and offline. It does not matter if you are a poker pro or just an amateur an amateur like me.

I've begun playing poker sometime in April of 2010. I do not understand a thing back then. It is my boyfriend who is patient enough to explain everything to me and answer my every poker question. I've installed several poker apps for iPhone where I've applied my vague knowledge of the game. Playing at least two tournaments using make-believe chips each day have helped me improve my skills.
About four months ago, I've joined several online poker sites and at first tried playing for fun using pretend chips. By the time I've decided to try for real money and Googled for online poker rooms that accept money transfer through PayPal. Searching for poker Paypal [http://www.pokerjunkie.com/online-poker-sites-that-accept-paypal] places hasn't been that easy but well... patience has its benefits, right?

Just like any other things in life, in poker you also win some and lose some. With this in mind, I make it a point to play smart~~~ know when play with real cash and know when not to. This way, I get to at least win more, lose as little as possible and have fun along the way.

Have a fun night everyone! Will be back in a few minutes. Hugs!

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