Ponytail Ouch!

by - Sunday, January 23, 2011

I like having my hair on a ponytail. Ponytail for me is the simplest hairstyle I can wear on both casual and formal occasions. It's neat, basic, easy to fix and does not need a huge amount of time creating. Though not as complicated as other hairstyles, tying my hair back off my head somehow gives me a more sophisticated look... oh, I don't know.

Anyway, lately, I've been getting a lot of terrible headaches. It's like there's this bruise on a certain part of my scalp that whenever I try to touch it, it makes the pain worse. I take painrelievers just to alleviate the agony. It works for a short time and then comes back after two hours or so. At times, my boyfriend gives me a light scalp massage around the "bruise" area which helps me put to sleep.

Since the occasional headaches have been alarming for the past months, I've searched for answers on the internet and found out that the pain might possibly be due to my ponytail. Research says that tied ponytails introduce extreme tension to the scalp which results to discomfort.

A few tips I've gotten from different pages:

1. Wear loose ponytails
2. Avoid wearing ponytails in extended period of times [give your scalp ponytail breaks from time to time]
3. Never wear a ponytail when sleeping
4. Wear low ponytails
5. Use only hair friendly elastics [no rubber bands, please]
6. Only tie your hair when it's totally dry

I've been following these rules for so many years [Thanks to my functional common sense. *wink*] without ponytail issues, whatsoever. However, this ponytail "ouch" has started ruining my days since only a few months back and it's really annoying. Just yesterday afternoon, I've gone downtown to do a little shopping. Have had a loosely tied ponytail which I've worn low and yet, just an hour after, the pain's started kicking in.

Now I'm thinking... what to do, what to do, what to do? *sigh*

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