When In Italy, I Want To...

by - Friday, January 14, 2011

A few weeks back, I've taken some time to sit down, relax and watch the movie Milan [starring Claudine Barretto and Piolo Pascual]. I know. Milan's been released in Philippine cinemas in 2004 and have only gotten the chance to see it lately. For some reasons, I am not a very huge fan of Barretto but because the movie has received a lot of "two thumbs up" reviews on IMBD.com, I've decided to give it a go and I have to say that Milan is really a must see film.

I've been living here in Sweden since June of 2007 and haven't really had the chance yet to use my Swedish passport to visit other countries here in Europe. I am at the moment filling up my list of countries to travel to in the future and after watching Milan, I've immediately added it to the list.
In this movie, there are instances when Barretto and Pascual need to travel to Rome and Venice from Milan by train to search for Pascual's missing wife. The rail journeys in Italy are absolutely beautiful on screen which is why if ever I have that opportunity to spend my vacation there with my boyfriend, I'll definitely ask him to experience a day of train travel with me. I am pretty sure that he'll say yes to my request. *wink*

See you, Italy.... one day! Ciao!

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