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by - Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Then and now, cosmetic surgery is one of the most talked about topics. It's everywhere ... online forums, discussion message boards, magazines, tv shows and more. There are people who are against it and those who are thankful that such procedure exists. My boyfriend and I? We belong to the thankful ones.

Not many know about it but my boyfriend [a.k.a. Bebe] has to undergo cosmetic surgery at the age of five. Born with pin back ears that project far from his head, Bebe's parents have signed him up for an ear surgery procedure. According to my boyfriend, if it hasn't been because of his ear pinning surgery, his entire childhood could have been an awful memory filled with bullying, teasing and embarrassment. To some, it might not be a huge concern but thinking about it, I am happy to know that Bebe's got the confidence he has now. [on the photo to your left: Bebe days before his surgery]

Whenever Bebe asks me about what type of surgery I'll be getting if ever given the change, without thinking twice my answer's laser resurfacing for chicken pox scars. I have these scars near the tip of my nose, on my left knee, on my right lower leg and on my left foot. Although they aren't very disturbing, I still want to get rid of them.

Before I forget, there's this makeover software which is free to download. It's your virtual before and after cosmetic surgery checker. Go try it out! Really interesting!

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