My o.d.m. - To Sleep Awhile

by - Tuesday, February 01, 2011

o.d.m. Unisex DD100-7 Spin Series Purple Watch

My two-year-old o.d.m watch's battery died months ago. The watch technician downtown charges 110 Swedish crowns [SEK] for battery replacement which is like 20% of the watch's original price. My brain keeps on asking, "Are you kidding me?" but then again, the technician's obviously not joking around. My purple o.d.m. watch might need to sleep awhile until I am already able to grasp the idea of paying SEK110 [that's around Php650 *tsk tsk*] for a new battery. I still have "living" watches in my drawer so there's actually no need for me to rush.

While processing my thoughts, I've looked online and checked the current prices of o.d.m. watches under its Spin Series and found these three delicious time pieces:
o.d.m. Women's DD100-9 Spin Series White and Gold Watcho.d.m. Women's DD100-9 Spin Series White and Silver Watcho.d.m. Unisex DD100A-24 Spin Toy2R Series Matt White BearBearQ Watch

...the first one's my fave! *drool* It's on sale right now at $68.32. I wonder if the price's gonna dive down a little bit more...

Have an awesome Tuesday everyone!

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