A New Kitty House For Our Purr-y Housemates

by - Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our dear Neko and Bisse's high tower obviously needs to be replaced. The scratching poles are half dead. Aside from that, the top pole's already leaning and wobbly. We've tried a lot of times to fix it but we believe it's the end of the road. Sad to say but the one we have now must go to give way to a new and safer cat tree.

Yup... It's in a really bad shape. Ooops!

So anyway, with a little help from my ever-realiable friend, the internet, searching for the replacement hasn't been that difficult at all. Cheers to that!

Presenting, The Brown Sierra Cat Tree:
There is nothing I do not like about this kitty house. The brown and cream combination is pleasing to the eyes. The attached cat condo [http://www.acecatfurniture.com/Cat-Condos] will certainly be appreciated by our Neko while the bed's going to be a cozy place for Bisse to sleep on. With five scratching posts and two additional on the ladder, this tree will possibly live longer, we hope. The playground's hanging rope and mice make it look more adorable although we're quite skeptical that our cats will pay enough attention to them.

Bebe and I can't wait to get hold of a new kitty tower and we bet that Neko and Bisse are even more excited to get a new place to spend most of their hours on. They'll surely go purr purr purr!

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  1. Wow the new house for your furry little friends looks cool Maxie. Great choice. I just not see the little darling here. Next time you should take a picture of them also. Have a great one my dear sweet friend. Hugs to you and your family :* 8-) :)

  2. Hello Bill.

    Yup. The one I've seen on the internet looks really pretty for my cats.  They are nice cats and they deserve something like this.  Will definitely take a pic of them with the cat tower :)

    You, too. Have a great day. 

  3. Woot we need a new kitty home too, ours is old and and worn out from all the scratching and what not.. this one is purr-fect, love it! :* :* :*

  4. Hello Marzie!  Oh, you need a new one, too?  We still haven't decided which one to really get.  Kinda' difficult to choose from a lot of pretty kitty homes. Hope you get one for you purry-friends, too :)  Hugs!


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