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by - Tuesday, February 01, 2011

As a shopaholic [or at least, used-to-be] REA has become my favorite Swedish word when it comes to shopping. No. REA is not the name of my gradeschool bestfriend back in the Philippines. Simpley, REA is the Swedish word for ~~~ SALE!!! Who wouldn't love that word? Aside from REA, the words KLÄDER [clothes] and MODE [fashion] also go well with REA.

So, anyway, despite the fact that I am not really an online shop fanatic back home, Sweden has somehow slowly turned me into one as the years pass by. I mean, if you are from the Philippines and now residing here in Sweden, I bet you know what I'm talking about, 'ayt?

www.smartgirl.se is one of the biggest and most trusted online clothing shops [Kläder Online] not just in Sweden but also in Denmark. With over 300 famous brands to select from, you'll never need to leave Smartgirl.se to find the clothes that you are looking for. Vans, Von Dutch, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, D&G, Adidas... only to name a few.

Two more reasons why Smartgirl.se has been winning the hearts of many online shoppers:

1.] Free shipping and handling
2.] Fast door-to-door delivery

Just a simple piece of advice, when in Sweden, visit the Smartgirl.se store. You'll like it there!

By the way, check out their REA page! Nice clothing pieces in very friendly prices!

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  1. hehheh,,jag med..love rea too..hahha!
    thanks for the tips on that online shopping :)

  2. Hej tejan!

    Jag har svårt att tänka mig att det finns någon som inte gillar REA.   :)

    Var så god!  Hoppas att du hittar coola kläder där! 


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