Crazy Shopping In The Philippines

by - Friday, March 04, 2011

Whenever I am in the Philippines, shopping is always included in my list of top activities. The Philippines is that one huge country for me to shop until I drop... and I mean, literally! There are malls everywhere and each mall has a lot to offer to their daily guests. Most shopping centers are already open at 9AM and close as late as 10PM. Not to mention some few days when the doors are wide open until past 12 midnight for what they call "Midnight Sales". Whew!
Shopping is a woman thing. It's a contact sport like football. Women enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds, the danger of being trampled to death, and the ecstasy of the purchase. ~Erma Bombeck
For malls as huge as SM MOA, TriNoMa and SM North EDSA, first time visitors spend at least the entire day just to move around aimlessly in each mall.

Here are a few facts worth noting about these three giant shopping centers in the Philippines:

SM Mall of Asia [MOA] - As of the moment, there are more than 700 shops and 300 dining establishments

TriNoMa - has 550 shops

SM North ESA - has more than 1,100 shops plus 400 dining establishments

... the hundreds of shops per shopping mall make it impossible for a shopper to finish going through his/her fave boutiques in just one day. It's definitely shopping 'til you drop!

An example of great finds at SM: 50% off on selected FILA shoes

Lovely Marc Ecko shoes. Oh, I really want the red rhino. Unfornuately, this baby is strictly not for sale http://planetsmilies.net/kaos-not-tagged-smiley-4688.gif

Nike, Casio, Adidas, Casio, Puma and more branded watches... watch out for those red sale banners. They usually say 30-70% off the prices!

Stuffed toys from really small to enormouse sizes! Sad that we can't fit 'em in our luggage.

...Since we can't bring home a huge teddy bear, we've decided to get a pair each of these cutie Piglet pink slippers. Each pair costs Php189 [USD4.30]. Not bad at all...
I still have loads of shopping pics from the Philippines all saved up in my laptop. Will share some more later!

Love and kisses!

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  1. Hi Maxie wow looks like you had fun in PI . Shop till you drop my friend LOL 8-)

  2. <p>If you're into signature and designer brands, don't shop in te Phils., they're very expensive and the sale are not good choices. Shop in HK....and in the US...If you don't mind the brands and you also buy locally-made products, the Phils., is a great place to shop. I swear I'll buy all my shoes here in the Phils except for winter boots and branded sneakers. Summer clothes and some spring clothes can be bought here in the Phils. for such low prices compared to US prices.

  3. Good morning Maxi!

  4. Going shopping today too ha ha.. looking for lappy for B yay!

  5. Happy Sunday sweetie! :* :*

  6. Scotty's Princess6 March 2011 at 04:32

    I love shopping but I do it only within my means. But sometimes I can't help myself but splurge. I congratulate myself for having not done so in months, LOL! 

  7. wow! i love going shopping too.. unfortunately i don't have that much money to do it as much as i want to hehehe...

    nice slippers... cutie..

  8. glad u had a great time sweetie! looking forward to seeing ur shopping pics!! :) ;)

  9. oh i love the piglet pink slippers...haha so cute! :-D :-D

  10. Hello Monica.

    Yup. Had a great time shopping.  Miss it so much!

  11. I like the pink slippers, too.  I've been using them for more than a year now.  They aren't that pretty anymore but still are comfortable

  12. Hello Reya.

    It's always nice to wait for the prices to drop.  50% off is really great.  And yes.  The slippers are really cute, thanks. 

  13. It's nice to splurge once awhile, Lainy. After all, a hardworking woman like you is worth it. :)

    I haven't really shopped until I drop for some time now.  I have to congratulate myself for that, too *wink*

  14. :* :* :* :*  lots of kisses, eh ?

  15. Hope you find a lappy for your B.  Have a happy shopping, Marzie!

  16. Hope you've had a great Sunday, too. Hugs!

  17. Hello Bingkee.  

    There are times when I get really good deals in the Philippines for branded items.  Like the pair of Puma eyeglasses I've purchased in July of 2009.  I've gotten them 70% off the price tag and with the lens, I've only paid less than 2,000 Php.  I am still using it and in a very pretty condition. 

    There are lots of branded shoes that are on sale that I really find nice.  Branded watches with 50% or more off the original price are great.  Although there are some branded items that are really unbelievably expensive :(

    I only buy winter items here in Sweden.  The prices in Hong Kong are not much of a difference of the ones we get here in Sweden which is something surprising.

    Yup. Summer clothes and shoes for summer ... always cheaper to get in the Philppines.

    Have a nice day, Bingkee. thanks for the input. Hugs!

  18. Hello Bill. I did have fun and I miss the malls!  :)

  19. I know you like shopping and shoes ... of course shopping for shoes is even better (well, I imagine it is for you). Nonetheless, thought I'd say hi and it's is easier to comment here than about applying makeup. :) BTW .... I posted today .... and the video involves shopping!

  20. I'd been shopping in the Philippines and I find them expensive here...trust me...that's why I don't like shopping here...doble...esp. electronics, cosmetics,  US skincare products, branded shoes, and branded clothes.....50% to 100% patong.


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