Lovely Wednesday Morning

by - Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Good mornin' everyone! Rise and shine!

I've gotten out of bed quite early this morning feeling good. There's this air of utter joy surrounding me. I can feel it. I can sense it.

Today's morning sight from our living room: My first thought, "Just another ordinary Wednesday morning." But then, I looked closer and noticed that the sun shone brighter, listened and heard the birds sing, then whispered to myself, "It's one extraordinary lovely Wednesday Morning" and smiled.

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  1. Wow still snowing there? Picture perfect Wednesday! :* :* :*

  2. The brightness of the day is a wonderful way to start. I'm not too sure about seeing all the snow as it was a longer & tougher winter than normal for us .. but spring is on the way for us.

    Meanwhile, in northern Ohio - (yesterday) the buzzards returned once again.

    Hope all is well ... keep smiling!

  3. Konstig väder i Sverige...hehehe but can feel and breath the summer..heheh (too early)

    Anyway added you Ann on my new blog...following you too...

  4. Lovely Caoture pretty maxi :-)

  5. Thank you Lainy.  It's a pic from my iPhone :)

  6. Hello Jenny. Sant... Så konstigt väder.   :)

    Will drop by your new blog. Will PM you on Facebook. YOu did not leave me your link :)   See you around!

  7. Hello Frank.  It has been weird for the  past week.  WE're expecting for spring to come but then, it has started snowing two days ago and it's still on until... noone knows :(

    Hope you are doing great somehow.  Take care. Hugs!

  8. Hello Marzie! Yep. Still snowing. Unsure when it will end :)  Pretty Wednesday anyway.


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