Mix&Match #15 - The Green Side Of Life

by - Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've woken up this morning with runny nose, headache, fever and to top it all, inflamed tonsils.  But I am okey.  I am fine.  For as long as I can still function properly, there's no complaining.  I just hope to feel less ill... the sooner, the better.  [I also hope that Bebe regains his health back soon.  He's sick, too *sad face*]

So right before the ill-attack, I managed to snap a few shots yesterday afternoon for this week's Mix and Match Moments' entry.  On my 15th entry, the spotlight was on the green side of life.  

By the way, before I go on, I just want to let you guys know that I've recently joined Lookbook.nu.
LOOKBOOK.nu is the leading online community dedicated to real-life fashion inspiration from real people around the world. Inspired by popular "street fashion" photoblogs such as The Sartorialist, San Francisco-based couple Jason Su and Yuri Lee launched the site in 2008 to give trendsetters and fashion mavens a collective gallery to post their own street fashion photography. Today, LOOKBOOK.nu is now home to a 300,000 member strong community and a global worldwide readership of over 4 million unique visitors per month. ~ Lookbook.nu
M&M Moments # 15 and my first Lookbook entry: The Green Side Of Life:

I couldn't really come up with an M&M Moments idea until I opened my shoe and bag cabinets.  My eyes  got caught on the green bag and a pair of green shoes.  "Well, let's go for green then", I thought.  Checked my wardrobe, grabbed my green khaki shorts and the rest was history.
3-in-1 necklace by Pilgrim
Bag by Secosana.  Shoes by Freeway
The Outfit:

Green bag - by Secosana
Green shoes - by Freeway
Green khaki shorts - by Only
3-in-1 necklace in different shades of green - by Pilgrim


Blouse - unbranded
Watch - by Pilgrim
Ring - by Unisilver
Eyewear - by Puma

Gotta go!  Must get lunch, take some meds and then rest.  Ah-choo!

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  1. Hi Maxi! I love ur green shoes and the bag and the whole look, u look awesome! :* :* :* :*

  2. I hope u and Bebe feel better soon, get some rest!! =-X =-X

  3. hala!ganahan kaau ko sa greeennnn!! :D

    take care pirmi te maxi! and oh, naa diay ko tag nimu..naa sa medical blog naku..unta maduaw nimu..kita ra nya ta didto..mwuah! amping pirmi te!

  4. pheewitt! <span>i love ur green shoes and green bag too!</span> 8-) 8-)

  5. i wish u a speedy recovery and be sure to get plenty of rest sweetie..hugs!

  6. Maxi that outfit suits you well..I love green color..

  7. I'm not a fashion icon, but I do like the green hand bag, ... but not as much as the smile. Hope both of you are feeling better. Hope the coming days in the week ahead are good.

  8. get well soon dear!   BTW, love those pics and everthing you are there!!!  the top, the shoes, the bag...lahat!

    missing you dear.  visit back!

  9. Since you missed my Monday post, you must be busy. Never fear as I'm bringing it to you because it's about FOOD. :) http://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2011/04/03/on-spaghetti-for-monday/

    Keep smiling and have a good rest of the week.

  10. I love the unbranded blouse...it's unexpected . I also like the green shade of your bag, though I'm not a fan of ginormous bags....hehehe. You look fab!

  11. Hey Maxi! :*

    Sorry to hear that you and Bebe are under the weather.  However, lovely pics of you as always!  I do give you credit for having a keen eye on fashion!

    BTW, I know you've been looking for them, but I started some WrestleMania post with some pics I got with the stars.  I've posted two of them with Divas!

    I won't blug you any longer.  Get well soon, sweetie! :) :)


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