Not On The Cover Of A Magazine

by - Sunday, March 13, 2011

Going through the pages of the latest issue of Cosmopolitan brings back my teenage dream of becoming a model. There is something about the clicks and flashes of the camera that feels so right. I am not sure what it is really. Maybe just knowing that images of me have been captured on that particular moment gives me the sense of contentment - that at least, I have photographs to catch glimpses of and cherish when I get older.

At the age of 32, I am aware that my dream of posing for fashion magazines will only remain an illusion but still, I can't help but get envy once in awhile and wonder how it feels like to see one's face on the cover of a magazine. Well, I can try create a fake cover and ta-dah!!!
Yayks! Not at all close to those pretty female models that I see striking poses on pages of a magazine or walking on the ramp, showing the latest fashion trends and wearing the creations of respected designers and brands. Oh well, trying hard as I might seem, at least, I've tried.

For those who are aspiring to make a name in the modeling world, there is a better chance for you to achieve success if you begin at an early age. A friend of mine has started taking chances at 16. She has gone through several catwalk training sessions and fashion workshops. It has taken her two years before a modelling agency's taken her as one of their talents. She's been in the business for more than ten years and according to her she is really happy to where she is now.

Experienced and acknowledged modeling agencies usually offer lessons on how to properly wear heels, walk on the ramp, carry oneself fashionably, project in front of the camera and more. If you are really into it, contact trusted modeling agencies in your area and start turning your dream into reality.

As for me, my photos might not end on the centerfold of a fashion mag but they sure end up as images of my laptop's background!

Strike a pose.
Picture perfect!

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