Shoe Style Tips For The Summer

by - Tuesday, March 29, 2011

With summer fast approaching it is getting to be that time of year once more when we can start shedding layers and thinking about lovely things like floaty summer dresses, skirts and of course new shoes!

So before you go rushing about looking for some pretty petite shoes, for whatever you are planning this summer, why not go armed with my quick and easy shoe style guide for 2011? Here's what's in this year:

High heel platformers:

Low heels are making a small come back, but for at least this next season, high heels still have the step up on the competition. So whatever you do, you will want to ensure that you get at least one pair of killer platform heels to prance about in during the holidays!

Strappy sandals:

If you prefer to walk a little closer to the ground, or you just like the natural look, sandals are an old favourite which don't show any signs of dis-appearing just yet.

The key developmenets this season will probably be a little more adventurous styling, with some extra details thrown in, such as ribbons, bows and lots of other pretty creations. Watch this space!

The super wedge:

Back to high heels then; the super wedge is a great option though because it gives every girl the extra boost they are looking for whilst appearing much more casual than a traditional heel.

The upshot is simple; you can wear wedges where you wouldn't wear heels. Around the town, or even down to the beach if you're a real wedge-aholic!

Ballet pumps:

Bit of a change here from the super high heels and platforms on offer. The 'Black Swan' film really got everyone thinking and my prediction is that everything ballet will be in this summer.

This is of course, great news for anyone who wants a little bit of releif from walking around on your tip toes. Afterall, it's nice to get a little more down to earth every now and then...
About the author:
This guest post was written by Alex from pretty small shoes. We sell hand made ladies shoes and we cater for any size, from ladies shoes size 2 right through to an 8 or 9. All made to order.
Maxi says: I really want those high heel platformers!  Pretty!  They will surely look nice on me. *wink*

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  1. sexy legs and body30 March 2011 at 05:07

    Hi Maxi,

    great advice, thanks for sharing, my wife is always out looking for new sexy shoes, she will even stop a girl in the street wearing sexy shoes and ask her where she bought the shoes.

    Thanks for dropping by on my blog, you are always welcome, love having you over.

    Enjoy your day and be good.
    Colin. 8-)

  2. Carmen Henesy of Carmen's Chronicles30 March 2011 at 06:44

    Maxi, darling, at 66, with balance problems, edema, etc, I only dream of the days, I pranced about in high heels.  I look, with envy, at all the cute young things ( I live in a Filipina area ) in their dazzling outfits and think, "Oh, will they ever be sorry 25 years from now!"  But they do look terrific right now.

    Those ballet flats are so cute in all those different colors!

  3. Hello Colin!

    Yes! I've seen that photo of your wife's shoe collection on your blog.  She's got a lot!  Wow.  

    I do that sometimes, too.  Ask someone where they've gotten their pairs of shoes and if possible, check 'em out myself.   :)

    :)   You, too. Enjoy your day!


  4. Hello Carmen.  I understand  your point.  My mom's almost 60 and at her younger years, high heels are her fave.  One thing she's taught me, not to forget to bring a pair of flats with me whenever I am with heels.  So, whenever my feet start to get tired, I switch shoes.  Nice advice from my loving mom :)

    Well, I know lots of women who loves high heels.  Here in Sweden, high heel shoes are always in.

    Yup. The ballet flats are really super cute.   :)

    Have a great week and again, thank you for visiting my blog :)


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