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by - Thursday, March 24, 2011

Zenni Optical as of today already received more than 25,000 Facebook Likes.  With thousands of happy customers, it only means one thing - Zenni is worth checking out!

Zenni offers a huge selection of quality frames within your budget.  You can get a pair of prescription eyeglasses for as low as $6.95 and on top of that, online shoppers are free to use Zenni's Frame Fit option.  Now, you do not need to wonder if the frame will look good on you.  All you have to do is upload a photo of your pretty face using the Zenni Frame Fit feature and start trying frames on!  There's no limit on how many pairs you can try so go experiment until you find something that  is suitable for the contour and shape of your face.

Do you want to get help from your friends in making your final decision?  Why not try on all frames and share it on FB?  It's like one of those shopping days with your friends.  Pick what you want, hear them comment and still, have the last say.  Oh yeah.

As for me, I've already tried the Zenni Frame Fit months ago and it's fun so I am doing it once again.  This time, my fashion sense wants me to Go Retro, Dare with Prints, try Bold and Huge and be Fair and Square. I am unsure which one looks best on me but I do like the retro one.

Go Retro
Dare with Prints

Bold and Huge
Fair and Square

How about you?  Ever tried digital eyewear fitting?  Liked it or not?

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  1. I like #1 Maxi!

    Cacai M.

  2. Maxi ... I do like the Retro look. Nix bold and huge. Prints look good, but long will it take for them to look dated. Fair and square are a possibility. Meanwhile, and most importantly, I hope all is well and have a good weekend.

  3. It's amazing you look great in all of them.....and maybe the great smile makes it more appealing. 

  4. I like fair n square ha ha! Are u gonna get them? :-P :-P :-P

  5. I like the square type...it looks great on you gurl.... :)  thanks for dropping by...great to be here!


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