The FarmVille Cheesecake

by - Friday, April 22, 2011

It has been more than three weeks since the last time I've updated this blog.  That's uncool of me.  *sigh*  

On my previous post, I've mentioned a little about me being sick.  The fever, along with its best friends cold, cough and tonsillitis has kept me company for more than a week.  After that, the fever has been on and off until now.  In fact, fever has kicked in again today.  Bummer!  I really look forward to fever-free upcoming days.

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The FarmVille Cheesecake

On the lighter side, I have been able to bake Mamma Lena her favorite cheesecake for her birthday three days ago.  She loves FarmVille a lot and because she does, her cheesecake topper has been FarmVille inspired.  Oh. She's been expecting for a cheesecake [she requested for it months earlier] but what has gotten her to go "Oh my.  Wow!" is the detailed topper.  She loves it so much that she's requested to save the cake topper. Done!
Mamma Lena and her almost 1kg FarmVille Cheesecake... Grattis! :)
The farmer resting after a day of harvesting field crops.  The pigs are surely happy.  They'll be having some veggies and fruits for dinner!
The cake topper :)
This is my most detailed cake topper so far and I am proud of it.  Knowing that Mamma Lena loves this cake has proven that I've nailed it!

Hope all is having a weekend blast!  Until next post! 

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  1. Hey Maxi! :* :)

    Sorry to hear you are still having fever symptoms come and go.  But damn, that is a most impressive cake topper!  Awesome job!

    Blug you later my dear friend! ;) :)

  2. WOW. Im impressed. ang galing. Tudlue ko puhon inig mg one year akong baby ha kay ako mg himo sa iyang cake hehe..

  3. oh my...i can't express how impressed i am! it's so cute and so well done...LOVE it!!!

  4. hope u are fully recovered by now sweetie! hugs! :* :* :*

  5. I hope u are feeling better sweetie, get more rest okay? :* :*

  6. And OMG go open a  bakery already!! I absolutely adore ur cake!! :* :* :*


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