Italy - I’ll Get There One Day

by - Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tiramisu, cannoli, cotoletta, tagliatelle with bolognese sauce, spaghetti alla carbonara, pizza and mmmm… the very famous caffè espresso and the dainty bicerin--- don’t all these make you want to fly from where it’s all begun?

Just like most people, I’ve always dreamed about spending holidays in Italy.  Italy is one of the best places I can think of whenever I feel like going away somewhere for a while.  So far, the closest I’ve “been” to Italy is when my taste buds get a taste of its cuisine, or whenever it’s featured on travel channels, or watch films that have been filmed in different places in Italy, find it on magazines or visit online travel agencies and check on photos and stuff.  How about you?  Do you own the lines: “Been there.  Done that.”?  If you already do, rest assured, I envy you.

So, well anyway, here are the three cities in Italy that I really want to visit:

Venice - yes!  It’s on the top of the list!  I’ve always heard about the great Teatro La Fenice [The Phoenix Opera House] which has burned down in December 1836.  It has been restored however, in January 1996, an undesirable event has turned it back to ashes one more time.  The theater has been reconstructed again.  The theater reopens its doors to the public on December 2003.  Now that’s a tourist destination I do not want to miss!

Aside from Teatro La Fenice, I also want to get into one of Venice’s famous gondolas and explore the Grand Canal with who else? --- my Bebe!
Florence – Definitely, Florence is in the list!  Popular as one of the oldest museums in the Western world, I will not leave Italy without dropping in the Uffizi Gallery.  It’s the ultimate destination for people who appreciate art and I say, I am one of them!

Rome – the capital city of Italy where the well known Colosseum, Altare della Patria and the Castel Sant'Angelo stand proud are all must-see places in Rome.  I will definitely catch sight of these three amazing structures if given the chance - maybe not today, but I am positive that I’ll be getting there one day.

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  1. Just came from my visit to Italy, covering Rome, Florence, Venice, Verona, Milan and border of Switzerland.
    Its a wonderful and plenty of places to see, esp like Pisa and Vatican City.

    Have not wrote my articles yet but will share soon.

  2. There is SO MUCH to see in Italy. As a friend of mine says, "It's one long museum." Good news is that means several trips.

    Here's a couple posts for you in the meantime.



    Don't forget the spaghetti trees!

  3. Hello Frank! I really want to go there one day. Thanks for the links. As always, I will definitely check 'em out! :) "It's one long museum" - I like the sound of that :)

  4. Hello Nava. Thanks for dropping by here today and leaving a comment.

    Italy's not that far from Sweden and yet, I still haven't gotten the chance to visit it and some other countries here in Europe. Will probably start doing it next year :)

    Please let me know when you've already created a post about your travel :)


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