Mix&Match #16 - Those Pretty Red Flats

by - Saturday, May 07, 2011

Weee!  It is time to update this blog's Mix and Match Moments meme!  Finally, I've been in the mood this morning to mix and match, fix my hair, powder my nose and snap some shots.  I haven't done this for more than a month and I miss stressing myself out.  *wink*  So before I go on, here's the look I've come up with:

The outfit:
Pretty red flats  - Zara
Black top - Black Mamba
Denim skirt - Hollister
Watch - Levi's
Those pretty red flats have been sleeping inside its box for so many months.  Now that summer is on its way, it is time to put these pretty ballet flats to work.  I so adore this pair!

I've got the black top from the SM Department Store in Davao City.  This piece has been in my life since 2006.  I like the feel of its fabric and I find the flower attached to its strap lovely.

The skirt?  I can no longer remember where I've purchased it.  At NCCC Davao perhaps.  This one's older than the black blouse.  The color's already starting to fade.  Nevertheless, it's still one of my fave skirts.

The Levi's watch is only more than a year old.  I am quite sure that its battery will soon be needing replacement.  I hope that it's not too soon though.

There goes my 16th M&M entry!  Will post the next one in a few days... promise!

See you later!  Hugs!

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