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by - Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Summer's just around the corner.  The pretty blue sky is starting to send down hot rays of sunshine most days of the week.  Like most of you, I, too dislike the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun reaching my eyes.  Too much sun glare causes me throbbing headache that lasts for hours.  Ouch!  My sunglasses are what who I refer to as my eyes' best friends during the glary days.  I so  'em.

I have a couple pairs of sunglasses and they're enough.  I've been checking around a bit though... looking for fab' pairs.  I will not be buying any at the moment but window shopping feels like something I want to do.  I've found these stunning pairs over the internet.  They're absolutely yummy!  Take your pick!

First off, Penelope by Guess.  She's a beauty, isnt' she?
You can grab this pair here.

Second on my list of faves is this pair of medium rectangle frame sunglasses from Gucci.  This one's simply sexy.
Want it?  You can find it here.

On number three is Jackie OHH II Shiny Avana by Ray-Ban. Admit it.  You want it, too!
Want to own one?  Check it out here.

Last but definitely not the least, OAKLEY's Restless from its Gretchen Bleiler Signature Series.  This one's OAKLEY-cool!
For more info, go here.

How about you?  How many eyes' best friends do you own?  One?  Two?  A dozen?  Do you   'em all?

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