Sweet Pajama Shorts To Love!

by - Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Spring is soon gone and the weather is starting to heat up!  In a few weeks, it is time to put those pairs of long loose-fitting trousers in the storage because warm summer days are perfect for pajama shorts!

If ever you are in the look out for a few pairs of lovely pj shorts to give you a more comfortable sunny season, glimpse through at my four picks below.  Well, frankly speaking, they’re way out of my budget but I’ll post them here anyway for my [and your] viewing pleasure.

pjshorts1Stenberry Loungeshorts by Jack Wills

A pair of relaxed fix pj shorts with adjustable cotton ties.  It’s made from 100% lightweight oxford cotton for total comfort.  I like the ruffle details and the pink and blue color combination.

Price: £34


Lauriston Loungeshorts by Jack Wills

Another pretty pj shorts by Jack Wills.  Its waist band is elastic. This piece comes with JW branded buttons.  The ruffles are always a plus!  This pair is made from 100% brushed oxford cotton.

Price: £34


Therapy Pink Satin Shorts With Printed Tie by House of Fraser

Glossy soft fabric in pink with ruffles, elastic waist band and a printed tie.  Simple and pretty. 

Price: Now: £9 [was at £14]

pjshorts3Flannel Gifting Boxers by Juicy Couture

If you are a fan of Juicy Couture clothing, you might just love this.  Overlay ruffle details give this piece of Juicy Couture pj shorts a sexier look.  It has an elastic waist band.  Its fabric is made of soft cotton.

Price: £37

*photo credits: Stylish Girl iPhone App

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  1. I would look horribly funny in any of those.

  2. :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

  3. ganahan ko sa pajamas!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D

  4. On summer nights here...I only wear a long T-shirt and of course undie.....no shorts....and in the Philippines, ganun rin...hehehe

  5. Hello Bingkee! Love undies and shirts. MOre comfy during summer. :)

  6. Thanks for the cute smiles :)

  7. Me, too. Love PJ shorts :-)

  8. Kisses back :*

  9. Haha! You bet, Frank!

  10. I really like those, especially the <span>Lauriston Loungeshorts ones

  11. Hello Sharon. Yes, the Lauriston ones are really nice :)


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