The Tokyo Fashion iPhone App And My Tokyo Fashion Picks

by - Thursday, May 05, 2011

For some reason, I kinda admire Japanese street fashion.  It's weird and at the same time, cute.  I respect the Japanese sense of style when it comes to mixing and matching clothing pieces, colors and accessories.  It's bits and pieces of everything rolled into this almost-out-of-this-world-look.  There's so much going on and I somehow like the idea.  It's a great way of expressing oneself through a specific fashion style. If I am not a lightweight, I'll certainly go out wearing some Japanese inspired street fashion clothing once in awhile.   Sad that I do not have that much courage to mix and match  with no holds barred.

Anyhoo, a week ago, I've installed the Tokyo Fashion app on my iPhone.  It's free and is actually kewl.  I can easily flip through latest street fashion photos, news and coolest brands in Japan.  Here are a few snaps I've seen from yesterday's update:

Two-tone tights, a small strawberry inspired purse, headpiece with bunny ears and a doll's head, printed skirt and top, a pair of yellow shoes and more!

Double bun hairstyle, purple leather motorcycle jacket, pink hair bow, multi-colored hair elastics, a pair of troll leggings, pink rolled down leg warmers, painted rubber shoes, pink skirt, printed top and more!

Blue hair, gold-pink-black hair bows, pink blouse, leather stiletto boots in black, white stockings with shades of blue, black playsuit and more!

White knitted poncho blue and pink accents with hood, a Care Bears lunch box, handmade headphone covers with doll heads, a panda purse, pink dress, printed tights, pink rolled down leg warmers, purple shoes, and more! 

Yes the styles are weird... crazy weird but filled with fun.  I like 'em a lot.  Question though... will I be seeing myself in a Japanese street fashion inspired entry for this blog's Mix and Match Moments meme?  I doubt it but it's possible.  *wink*

Have a fun-filled and colorful Thursday everyone!

*photo credits: www.tokyofashion.com*

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