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by - Saturday, May 14, 2011

From exclaiming, "I love you Piolo!" in a Sprite commercial to becoming one of the most famous celebrities in the Philippines today, Toni Gonzaga has proven that one simple dream can turn into something huge.  Toni G no longer needs to shout the once famous line as she works under the caring wings of the gigantic channel, ABS-CBN where Piolo Pascual is also a member of.  I am really looking forward to seeing these two in a movie.  I wonder... when, oh when will it be?
Without a doubt, Toni G is a superb host, a brilliant actress [have seen all of her films], an excellent performer and an effective product endorser.  I've recently watched her newest Cream Silk ad and wow... Toni rocks --- big time!
A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon Toni G's Official Facebook Fanpage, looked around and clicked the thumb up iconThumbs up.  Flipping through some of the page's photos, I picked three favorites showing the different looks of Toni G:
Toni G: G is for gorgeous.  Toni's updo hairstyle accents her pretty facial features and complements her outfit well. Her blouse is adorable [which is if I may guess by Shapes?] and the shoes? --- yum!

Toni G: G is for goddess.  Toni looks dazzling in this pic.  Her long hair makes her look like a goddess.  And the legs... as always, long and sexy!  And by the way, I so love her dress!

Toni G: G is for glamorous.  Ever wondered how Toni looks with a really short hairstyle?  Wonder no more!  Isn’t she fascinatingly attractive in this photo?  The short hair and the fringe suit her charming face.  The dress gives Toni a more stunning look.  Lurve it!

Toni’s indeed a fashion icon!

Nighty nighty everyone!  Have a fantastic weekend yah all!

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