At 22…

by - Wednesday, June 08, 2011

… degrees Celsius [yes, I am talking ‘bout the weather, not my age, obviously *wink*], my instinct tells me to go out and get some fresh air and ah-huh, that’s something I’ll probably be doing in a few hours.  Gotta get myself breakfast first, sort the laundry out and solve a couple of sudoku puzzles to jump start my brain’s central core.  After that, we’ll see if the weather’s still calm and sunny.  In this part of the world, the weather can be compared to a woman changing her mind --- it happens often in an accelerated speed.  You’ll never know what to expect.  Proof? 

Earlier, here was what iGoogle told me:weather

I gave it two to three minutes and … ta-da!weather2

…  Hmmm… I wonder what the weather’s up to. Eye rolling smile

Looking out the window, it seems like the weather has just transformed from being sunny to cloudy.  Oh well, iGoogle’s weather forecast even implies that it might actually rainStorm cloud sometime today.  Yayks!

My cup of hot coffeeCoffee cup awaits me!   I’ll be back later today or tomorrow, or the next day… “Maxi’s information is temporarily unavailable”. Rolling on the floor laughing

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  1. scarlet's walk8 June 2011 at 11:51

    have a nice day!

  2. I love your quote weather like a women lol 8-). It is hot here in Arizona now and I love it. Have a great day and enjoy your coffee hugs :*

  3. It's almost summer here, but we are already experiencing a taste of summer a few weeks ago after almost 2 weeks of non-stop raining. We can get as much as to 91 degrees F (32.7 degrees Celsius). I take this rather than the cold and snow. In fact I love it because it reminds me of the Philippines.
    But I don't like hot coffee in warm days like this....hehehe

  4. Oh my. 32 degress Celsius... HOpe we get that here in summer. It might get very hot after a couple of weeks or so but it's not that sure yet. Speaking of coffee, I've ran out of it yesterday and still haven't purchased, maybe later. Love coffee... doesn't matter how hot or cold the weather it. I am weird, a little:)

  5. Hello Bill. Glad you like the quote :)

    Glad to know that you are having a great hot day in Arizona. You, too. Have a great day!

  6. Hello Scarlet! HOpe you have a nice day, too :)


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