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by - Thursday, June 30, 2011

It’s such a relief to know that I am done cleaning my blogroll.  It’s not an easy peasy lemon squeezy task to go through an entire list of blogs just to see who’s linking back to my blog and not. 

badgeThere was this time when I received so many exchange link requests.  That was maybe, a couple of years ago.  Trying to be as friendly as possible, I accepted almost every request for as long as they [other bloggers] would be willing to keep their end of the bargain. Most kept my blog’s link in their blogrolls alive which was such a delight to know.

The exchange link requests kept coming until eight or six months ago when I would only get two or three per month and at times, none at all.  The decrease in number of inquiries did not come as a surprise.  I knew it would take place.

Just a month ago, for the very first time, I made the decision to clear my very cluttered blog list.  I did it alphabetically to make sure that I wouldn’t miss any blog on my list.  A letter or two per day and just days ago, I was finally done.

It was such a surprise to find so many blogs which weren’t linking back.  It was a tedious job to check the blogroll or their badge exchange pages.  To find out that my link and/or badge was deleted was annoying and disappointing. 

There were also a number of dead links --- blogs that no longer exist.  I checked then rechecked one more time just to make sure that the blog had already been deleted from the internet before I took them out of my blogroll. 

Now that my blogroll’s on a cleaner note, my aim is to keep my blogroll tidy for the rest of its existence.  I will check the links again before the year ends.

I have to add that there are a few links in my blogroll which I don’t expect to link back.  These are blogs that I’ve freely chosen to be added simply because I soooo like them. 

To those who have kept my blog’s URL in their blogroll/s [blog list and/or badge exchange page] all these years, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

If ever my blog is still listed in yours and that I’ve deleted yours from mine, my apologies.  I don’t intend to do so.  Please, do give me a buzz so I can add you up again. 

To those who are interested to exchange links with this blog, feel free to leave me a comment.   

Ovah Coffee’s blogroll.

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  1. All your blogs are linked to my blog and I know them all by heart! :) *HUGS*

  2. I must do this too, kaso busy pa masyado, thanks for the visit Ann :-D

  3. Thank you Skippy Heart! I know you're one of those few who know how to keep their words.  Thank you for keeping my link alive.  Hugs back!

  4. Oo. You should do this.  Will do some cleaning on my www.thepastimeshelf.com blog 's blogroll, too.  Di ko pa sure when but will do it. HOpefully, soon.

    You are welcome and thanks for visiting back. Hugs

  5. hello Maxi..good that you have time to clean up..heheh!
    thanks for the visit..yes hope we can meet soon :)  godbless!

  6. Yes. I've had the chance to clean the blogroll very slowly.  But at least, I am done for the moment.

    Thank you, too for the visit. Hugs!

  7. Just done this for my two blogs a couple of months back, Pretty Maxi. And I was criticized for keeping my blog roll, LOL! 

    Anyways, thanks I am still in, hehe. Will clean up my blogroll for my 4 other blogs as well. Will let u know once I am done para ma include din sa list mo. 


  8. Hi Maxi so organized kaayo imung blogroll dear, and i like the new look of your blog. Iba na talaga pag techy ano, knows lots of things online. Thanks for the visit.

  9. Hello! I followed you back :) , followed thru GFC and Networked blogs too.  

    Well, every now and then I keep on checking those who ex-links with me, if i find out that i was stripped off from their sites, i will also delete them in mine :) . 

  10. Kailangn ko din din linisin blogroll ko. hehehe! kaya lang medyo busy pa. Dami na nga deadlinks at di na active.

  11. great job, maxi! :)
    it is not easy to clean up those blogroll! but once it is done, you'll feel rejunevating! it's like cleaning up a big mess after the party! :)

  12. Hello Pretty Lainy! Thank you for dropping by.

    Wow, You're done cleaning the blogrolls of two of your blogs and you still have four to go?  Dami pero I know, Kaya mo yan. Kaw pa!

    Yes, your blogs are alive in my blogroll, always will be.  Friends kaya tayo. :)  Hugs!

  13. Hello Shydub. Oo, organized kaayo.  Or else baka pati ako, malito. Naka-alphabetical order according to blog titles with names ng mga bloggers on the side.  Handy and I am familiar with this style na.

    Thank you. I fixed my own blog's layout and everything.  Thank you at nagustuhan mo :)

    Di naman ako talaga techy. Trying hard lang :)

    Take care :)

  14. Hello Joy. Thanks for the follow back. I really appreciate it.  

    I do not always check my blogroll because it's too tiring.  I just got so surprised upon knowing that many deleted my blog on their lists :(

    TAke care and have a great day :)

  15. Hello Arvin.

    I am okey. Thank you. HOpe you are okey, too :)

  16. Hello Anney.  Oo. Do it when you find time.  It really helps.  Medyo time consuming talaga pero okey ang feeling after na malinis mo yung blogroll mo.

    Ingat always :)

  17. Hello Jean!  

    Yup, tough job cleaning the blogroll but I am happy that I have finally done it.  

    Hope you are doing great!  Hugs!

  18. mau paka dear kay mana ka panlimpyo...ehehehe...ako wala pa jud time... :)  visiting here quick!

  19. your blogs are still intact in my blogs te maxi..even in my newest baby blog..hehe

  20. by the way te, you're one of my top commenters! congrats!


  21. Hi Maxi! :*

    This is something I need to do on my blogs when I get time.  I know some are linking back and there are those that are dead links, too.

    But there's no way you're being left off despite the fact of your increasingly blugging ways over the last two years.  LOL!

    See ya later my blugging friend! ;) :)

  22. Hello Dhemz.  Oo. Nagfind-time jud ko to clean my blogroll. Too many dead links... I was surprised. HOpe ikaw pud maka-find time to clean sa imong blogroll. :)

    Thanks for the visit :)  Hugs!

  23. Thank you Gagay for keeping my blogs in your bloglists/blogrolls. I really super appreciate it :)

  24. Wow! Top commenters?  Yipee! Will check it out! Thank you Gagay :)

  25. Hello my blugging friend David.  With your very busy schedule, I know that it is going to be difficult for you to clean your blogroll.  Yes, some stopped linking back and there are lots of dead links, too.  You'll be surprised.

    Haha. Thank you for letting me know that my blogs are still in your blogrolls.  Yipee!  Yes, I've been blugging you for more than two years now. Yayks!  Many years to go!  

    See you later, too! Take care! :)

  26. sexy legs and body5 July 2011 at 04:44

    Hi Maxi, I just checked, you are still in my blogroll and your button is still on my blog, but I am not surprised, I have to follow your example and clean mine out too. Sometimes ppl ask to ex link, then I link, but never check back to see if I was added to their roll.

    Hope your week has been good, I am super busy at the moment, dont even have time to do a post, but i still owe you one, and I will do it.

    Take care!

  27. Hello Colin.  You are one of my true blogger friends who follows how exlinks work.  Thank you for keeping me on your blogroll and thank you very very much for keeping my badge.  I will have to clean my ex-badges, too.  Will add you there, definitely!  

    Yes, there are many who ask to be linked but then, they do not actually link back.  So sad.

    Hope you are having a great week there super busy Colin.  No, you do not owe me a post. It's okey.  It's no big deal, promise.  Thank you so much for being so nice.


  28. Tell me abt it, tedious work indeed and I cleaned up mine a few months back, what a relief ha ha! :)

  29. Happy Wed sweetie, have a good one! :D :* :*

  30. For sure! tedious work!  Ahhh. I still haven't cleaned the blogroll of my other blog. Will finish it soon :)

  31. You have a great wednesday, too Marzie! Hugs!


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