Cruising Back in Time: My Favorite Filipino Commercials of All Time

by - Sunday, June 05, 2011

Commercials come and go.  Many get popular for a short time while a few leave footprints entrenched in the sand.  Below are my seven favorite Filipino commercials of all time… ads that I’ll never get tired of watching, ads that never fail to wow me over and over again…

1.] The Coke ad featuring Lilet and the United Colors of Benetton Kids singing the tagalog version of I Am The Future Of The World.  This ad was released around the 80’s… 1985 or 1986 maybe?
2.] The classic Mc Donalds ad featuring Karen and her grandpa.  This commercial’s a favorite of many Filipinos as it reminds us of our strong family ties.
3.] The PLDT NDD ad known to many as Suportahan Taka --- the ad that opened the acting and modeling doors for Christian Vasquez. 
4.] The Purefoods Tender Juicy Goodbye Carlo ad.  This ad is just filled with ultimate cuteness.
5.] The Fita Kahilingan Ad which reminds us not to be greedy and always hand a whole biscuit, never half, because you’ll never know… you might be giving it to a fairy.  You do not want to receive just half of your wish, do you?
6.] The Nestle Ice Cream Sino’ng Best Friend Mo Doon? ad.  A story of two boys who have been best friends for some time.  In the ad, the boys are eating Nestle ice cream.  Both are sad because one of them is moving to another town of neighborhood.  The best friend who is moving out is inside the car and is about to leave.  The best friend who’s staying calls out to his best bud and asks the question.”Sino’ng best friend mo doon? [Who’s you’re best friend there?].  “S’yempre, ikaw lang! [Of course, only you!] is the reply.

Sorry, I can’t find a video online for this ad.  Please let me know if you find one.

7.] The Sarsi Mag-Sarsi Ka Para Maiba ad.  This commercial’s a hit --- always will be.  It’s loved by many throughout time.  This is not only an ad, it’s art!
How about you?  What’s your favorite Filipino commercial of all time?  If you are not from the Philippines, have you seen one that you really like?

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  1. :-D :-D :-D :-D

  2. Hi sweetie, I am here! :* :*

  3. He he so cute number 4, that girl made me smile! :* :* :*

  4. Thanks for sharing sweetie and have a wonderful week, hugs! 8-) 8-) 8-)

  5. :-D :-D :-D

  6. hELLO Marzie! :*

  7. Yup. Number 4 is really cute! Love it!

  8. You, too. Have a great week. Hope you're having a great vacation, too :)

  9. Nice commercial my friend. I think I like the first one the besr :-D. Have a great week ahead.

  10. Hello Bill. The first one is a good choice :)

    You, too. Have a great week! :-)

  11. lahat favorite ko...hahaha i remember talaga yong Karen po (Mc Donald)..


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