Dr. Martens Boots: Colors And Fun!

by - Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sometime in the 1940s, Klaus Märtens, a doctor in the German army during the second World War realized that his pair of standard-issue army boots were causing discomfort on his hurt heel so during his recovery period, he came up with the idea of improving the boots.  To make it comfortable, he used soft leather and applied air-cushioned soles which was then trademarked as AirWair years later.

Thanks to Dr. Klaus Märtens.  His experiment has not only introduced feet-friendly boots as the army-inspired footwear has now become a sense of fashion.  Some years back, colors has been added to Dr. Martens or Doc Martens or as I fondly refer to it as DMs boots to sprinkle some fun!
Here are five of my favorite DMs 8 Eyelet Boots in different hues:
I so like the Mint DMs!  It looks refreshing and light. 

Do I own a pair?  No, I don’t but I sure wish I do!
*photo credits: Shoes.com iPhone app*

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  1. Laura (WavGirl)21 June 2011 at 21:35

    I had doc martens in high school and loved them... Wore them for years with my school uniform! I like the magenta ones!

  2. :* :* :*  Thanks for the smiles, Marzie :)

  3. Hello Marzie. It seems to be working better now. I've fixed a lot of things with the HTML/JavaScript  Took me hours to figure it out.  Hope this one works without issues from today.  The comment counts do not seem to update right.  I will figure that one out later. :)

  4. Yes Marzie.  The mint one is really nice. Love the lilac and red, too :)   

  5. i love the red boots.. :D

  6. I love Doc Martens too. I used to have a pair back in the early 90's when grunge fashion popularized this brand of shoes. Actually, I'm planning to buy a pair sometime soon. My pick is not any from your photos although I love the last photo---the pink one.

  7. Hello Laura. I haven't owned a pair of DMs ever yet.  But I really hope to get a  pair anytime soon.  My feet deserve them :)

  8. good morning GG!

  9. Yeah. Me, too love the red ones but my fave is still the Mint boot! :)

  10. Hello Bingkee. Good for you.  I haven't owned a pair yet. :(  I do hope to purchase at least a pair sometime soon.  I hope you get the pair or pairs that you really like! Do not forget to share the pic! Mwah

  11. My favorite is the glossy pink, the boots look very cute :)

  12. So true Sharda.  The glossy pink is really pretty but I'll still go for Mint ;)


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